Meet the Photographer

Hey hello and thank you for visiting my world! To know that you are reading this right now, is an honor. In order to make such an important decision choosing your photographer, I believe you must make a connection with them. "Getting someone" is so important to me. I mean, I love people to "get me", lol! Otherwise I just look crazy. [pause]  Well.......actually......I don't mind that! Anywayyyyy, here's a little about who I am.

First and foremost, I am a Mother. This absolutely rules my world and every decision I make. I still consider myself new to this stage in life. The adjustment period is immense. I mean, do we ever really completely adjust to something that is ever changing - ages, stages, attitudes, accomplishments, needs, wants, likes, dislikes? After all, I became a photographer only after becoming a mother. And for me, it was quite magical, as if a new me was born in harmony with the birth of my child. I am also a Wife to a truly amazing man and father. Without him, I would not be doing this right here, right now. He is a huge support to my manic, indecisive personality. Did I just call myself manic? Well, that's a first.

Another fact: I have not been studying photography for years. I did not go to any school for it. [gasp!] I have always had an interest in it, but this is a relatively new realm for me. And I don't pretend to know everything. But what I do know is where there is passion, I must follow. I am ruled by my heart, that's just how it is. So when I had my son in 2014, I was inspired. Really inspired, lol! I have a great birth story because it is my own. And here is where my passion for birth photography truly began. I want to be able to tell birth story after birth story, each just as beautiful and unique as the next. There is nothing on earth like it and it is such a fleeting moment in the timeline of life. Nothing can compare to it and nothing can replace it. And you certainly cannot have a "redo"! 

3 things you may not know about me:

1. When someone books me for a birth, I get all super giddy like a little school girl and do the happy dance.

2. When I get "the call" for go-time, I get butterflies in my stomach like it's my first dance recital.

3. At every birth, every single birth, I'm crying behind that lens. I'm such an emotional sap, thanks to motherhood!

Thank you for stopping by! If you'd like a consultation, do not hesitate to contact me. I prefer talking over typing any day of the week, but please visit my contact page and choose as you will. I look forward to meeting you!



Photo credit: Leslie Pendleton Photography